Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey Jobs – Are they real?

You will never meet a person driving a Ferrari and living in a dream that will tell you he has achieved all that by taking surveys on the Internet (or you could meet one, but it would be a lie. ..:)). Also, you will never meet a person claiming that he worked for two consecutive months of taking online surveys, without receiving any reward.

In most cases, you will meet a guy like me, saying that with a little perseverance, a little work and some brains, it is totally possible to be paid to do online survey jobs. You will not become a millionaire, but you can easily earn several hundred dollars a month. I started with $ 150 in my first month and managed to climb to nearly $ 900 a month, eight weeks ago. Never touched the $ 1,000 per month mark, but I’m still learning and I’m sure that day will soon be here.

So, what’s going on with all the skepticism? Well, I do not have the exact answer, but here are some facts that can make believe all this is a fraud. First, all online companies make you believe that it is totally possible to make $ 100 000 per year by taking surveys. Of course, it would be possible, if you never slept, never ate and worked all day, getting paid $ 50 for each survey … And because humans are not robots, by definition, making $ 100 000 / year taking online survey jobs is not possible. An amount of $ 500 – $ 1000 per month is more precise and more realistic.

Another reason why people think it is not to trust is the fact that some investigations will not bring you money, but the discount or store credit by businesses when polls came. I know that I was disappointed to receive a discount of $ 200 for a new car instead of a check, when I started working online, but I quickly learned to avoid such investigations and only answer those who bring me real money. One of these surveys for cash sites is online survey jobs.

And the final result of this whole deal might seem like a fraud is probably the most popular as well … Why should legitimate sites charge a fee to sign up gives you access to a bunch of surveys, where one could find online surveys for free? Well, I asked myself the same question when I started out and found the answer very soon.

When you try to circumvent these specialized sites that require registration fees, I filled in a couple surveys a day and earned no more than $ 10 per day.

After paying the registration fee for such a site survey for audits to be more precise, I was able to find all the surveys I need a few minutes, all very organized. The fact is that the fees went into the pockets of a few people hired to do the dirty work for you: find all the available surveys and maintain a huge database on a daily basis, so you n ‘will not have to waste time. After doing a little math, I realized I was in profit after only two or three days, in comparison with the tedious task I have used to do, trying to find my investigations same.

Now, I said that I was making my monthly “salary” work a few hours in the evening. “If it works so great, how can you not spend 10 hours a day taking
surveys?” You might ask. Well, it’s because there is not enough to cover up investigations to 10 hours a day. As I said, I stay away from the “surrender” or
“store credit” surveys. In addition, for many investigations, I can not get what ‘properly. For example, there are specific surveys that need to be answered only by women. or by persons under 18. or by persons over 50.

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